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Connecting With Other CSAHU Members

Your member profile is now a gateway to connect and engage with other members of our community. From here you can access exclusive member only content, such as the member directory, as well as other new features. Some of the new features of our website include:

• Form connections with other practitioners via "Circles," similar to Linked In.  

• Status messages give you a way to share what you’re working on with other members.

• Profiles have a “wall” where connections can leave messages for each other.

• Join circles for special interest and discussion groups. You can create photo albums within Circles too!

To get started:

1. Upload a profile picture or edit your existing one.
2. Make connections with friends and colleagues.
3. Join a Circle to engage with other members.
4.. Send private messages to one or more members at a time.
5. New privacy settings allow you to control who has access to each area of your profile.

Learn more about these new features by watching this short video.